Hutong New York is poised to redefine the weekend brunch experience by introducing a captivating array of offerings available on both Saturdays and Sundays. The restaurant is unveiling “The Dim Sum Library,” a homage to the timeless Hong Kong-style dim sum brunches, presenting guests with the opportunity to savor Hutong’s renowned dim sum menu. Diners can now order individual dim sum pieces directly at their table using a provided notepad.

Available every weekend for brunch, “The Dim Sum Library” embodies the essence of Hong Kong’s dim sum culture. It encourages guests to craft their dining journey by selecting from Hutong’s diverse dim sum options, blending tradition with a modern dining ambiance.

Complementing this immersive experience is the debut of Hutong’s Silk Eggs, an enticing eggy addition to the weekend brunch menu. This Hong Kong-style scrambled egg dish boasts various toppings like wild mushrooms and lobster, enhancing the overall dining pleasure for brunch-goers, and perfect for groups and families.

Moreover, Hutong New York will unveil an innovative range of Bloody Marys at The Shanghai at Hutong, the establishment’s bar and lounge area. These imaginative concoctions incorporate Chinese-inspired elements, including Sichuan peppercorns and a carrot juice-based blend. The menu offers a diverse selection of alcoholic options such as vodka and mezcal, alongside a non-alcoholic version, catering to guests of all ages. Also, enjoy our all-you-can-drink free-flow bubbles package with cava or champagne, if you are looking for a boozy brunch option right in the heart of Midtown East and Upper East.

“We’re thrilled to introduce ‘The Dim Sum Library,’ Hutong’s Silk Eggs, and our innovative Bloody Mary selections to our guests,” expresses Andrew Sicklin, US Director of Ops at Hutong New York. “These additions underscore our commitment to delivering a diverse and immersive dining experience that seamlessly merges tradition with innovation.”

“The Dim Sum Library,” Hutong’s Silk Eggs, and the inventive Bloody Mary selections will be exclusively available at Hutong New York’s main dining room every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am to 4pm.

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