The Flaming Duck is air-dried for 36-hours and infused with the finest Sichuan green chillies, star anise, ground black pepper and Hutong’s homemade chilli paste, which contribute to the duck’s perfectly crisp skin. The duck is then roasted for forty minutes before it is set alight with Chinese rose wine and rum. The showstopping flames bring out an intense fragrance of aromatic chillies and introduces a new layer of texture to the duck. Once the Chef begins the carving process the duck maintains its tenderness and succulence – along with releasing the distinctive and peppery aromas of Sichuan. The fiery process takes place in front of guests, where they will watch incredible amber flames engulf the duck before their very eyes whilst admiring Chef Mak’s incredible Shifu skills delicately carving the duck tableside through fire to release mouthwatering, aromatic flavors with every bite. The duck is then served with traditional handmade steamed pancakes, and is uniquely paired with shredded papaya, sweet cantaloupe, alongside traditional cucumber and spring onions. With two sauces available, guests can opt between the traditional duck sauce or the new honey mustard sauce which pairs beautifully with the duck’s fragrant spices. 

It is delicious, a whole well-burnished duck expertly carved, presented with accoutrements, including sauces other than hoisin, and enough to serve four – The New York Times

The Flaming Duck, a unique dining experience, will only be available for only 5 RSVPs per night through prepaid online bookings.

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