As the leaves change and the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through the city, there’s no better time to explore the delectable flavors of Hutong’s new lunch and autumn menu, available day or night. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely business lunch that needs to wrap up in 45 minutes or seeking a relaxed evening dining experience with friends, Hutong’s culinary offerings promise to tantalize your taste buds with a fusion of traditional Chinese cuisine and contemporary flair. Let’s dive into the irresistible options that await you.

Appetizers: Choose one appetizer from this delightful selection to kickstart your culinary journey:

  1. Chilled Green Asparagus (白沙春露): A refreshing dish that combines the crispness of green asparagus with the nuttiness of roasted white sesame seeds and a drizzle of honey glaze.
  2. Vegetable Hot & Sour Soup (素菜酸辣汤): Warm up with this classic hot and sour soup loaded with fresh vegetables, delivering a perfect balance of spicy and tangy flavors.
  3. Pork Wonton (猪肉雲吞): Indulge in the succulent goodness of pork-filled wontons, served in a flavorful broth that will comfort your soul.

Mains: Now, let’s dive into the heart of your meal. Select one main course that suits your palate:

  1. Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐): Experience the bold and punchy flavors of “Granny’s tofu,” infused with garlic, dried and fresh chilies, creating a spicy symphony that’s sure to leave you craving for more.
  2. Wok-fried Cod Fillet (風味撈汁鱈魚柳): Savor the delicate taste of cod fillet wok-fried to perfection, enhanced by a subtle blend of chili and oyster sauce for a harmonious blend of flavors.
  3. Wok-fried Chicken with Shallots and Black Beans (干葱锅鸡): Enjoy the irresistible combination of tender chicken, aromatic shallots, and savory black beans in this comforting and flavorful dish.
  4. Ma La Beef Tenderloin (Supplement $20) (老干妈煸炒牛柳): For those seeking an extra dose of spice, opt for the Ma La Beef Tenderloin. Tender slices of beef meet the bold flavors of black beans, red peppercorns, chili, and Chinese celery.

Sides: Complement your main course with one of these delectable sides:

  1. Chef’s Fried Rice (師傅炒饭): A symphony of flavors in a bowl, this vegetarian fried rice is adorned with finely diced pickled vegetables, ensuring every bite is a taste sensation.
  2. Dou Miao (脆柱爽口豆苗): Indulge in the crisp and refreshing pea shoots, wok-tossed with shredded dried scallop and a hint of oat milk.

Dessert (Optional): If you have room for dessert, consider the tempting option:

Salted Grilled Corn Ice Cream (Supplement $10) (盐烤玉米冰淇淋佐杂谷,奶油酥饼和燕麦奶): Complete your culinary journey with a unique dessert featuring salted grilled corn ice cream, paired with multi grains, granola, Sablé Breton, and oat milk.

Dinner Availability: Please note that for dinner, this menu is available during two time slots:

  • 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM: Perfect for an early dinner or pre-theater meal.
  • 8:45 PM until closing: Ideal for those seeking a more leisurely dining experience in the evening.

Hutong’s new lunch and autumn menu, available day or night, offers a tantalizing blend of traditional Chinese flavors and modern twists, creating a dining experience that’s sure to impress. Whether you’re savoring the Mapo Tofu’s spicy kick during a quick business lunch or relishing the delicate Wok-fried Cod Fillet for a leisurely dinner with friends, every dish is a journey through exquisite Chinese cuisine. Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in Hutong’s culinary creations this autumn season. Join us and experience a symphony of flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight!

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