“Only one or two other restaurants in town can plausibly claim to make dim sum that rivals Hutong’s."

“The wine list is imaginative and wide-ranging, a rarity amongst Chinese restaurants in the city."

“Hutong brings good, fancy Chinese food back to NYC….Midtown Manhattan finally has a wonderful high-end Chinese restaurant."

“I loved sliced branzino poached in chili broth. The fish is as flavourful as the broth is fiery red.”

“Peking duck is not only a century-old recipe, but an eating ritual as well. And Hutong — a Hong Kong import that landed in Midtown’s Bloomberg Building this summer — does the best in town”

“Hong Kong Transplant Brings Its Legendary Peking Duck to New York City”

“Cocktails are inspired by the food, and, knowing that New York diners often eat at the bar, the bar snacks at Hutong, too, are substantial”

“dim sum platters arrive like jewel boxes full of polished goodies, calamari is gently fashioned into “flowers,” and the Peking duck is roasted until the skin crackles but the inside stays juicy”