Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Us: February 8th – 11th

A Journey Through Our Special Menu

There’s no dish more associated with Chinese New Year than Lo Hei salad, which hails from the fishing villages of Southern China in the Song Dynasty more than 750 years ago. Served in the centre of the table on a large platter, guests equipped with large chopsticks, mix and toss the fresh lobster, vegetables and Hutong’s special spices and sauces high into the air exclaiming ‘Lo Hei….Lo Hei’. According to legend, the higher you toss and the louder you cry ‘Lo Hei’, the more luck is headed your way!

Hutong is serving a Dragon Lo Hei featuring mouth-watering Lobster with fresh radish and vegetable slices to be mixed with chef’s secret-recipe aromatic spices and sauces. Perfect for groups up to 6ppl.  Also enjoy our other chef-curated specials such as,

  • 蟹肉水晶饺 – Crystal Crab Dumplings: A delicacy symbolizing prosperity.
  • 炝锅脆脆瓜 – Crispy Chayote: Representing good health and longevity.
  • 胡同烧腩仔 – Hutong Roasted Pork Belly: A nod to abundance and wealth.
  • 砂锅白胡椒焗虎虾 – Smoked Tiger Prawns: For happiness and joy.
  • 捞起 – Lo Hei: A communal dish signifying unity and good fortune.

Embracing Time-Honored Traditions: The Wishing Tree and Hongbao

Our Lunar New Year celebration at Hutong invites you to immerse yourself in an experience that transcends dining. Join us for this special occasion and be part of a shared cultural and hopeful journey with our Wishing Tree tradition. It’s a moment to reflect, make wishes, and connect with a vibrant cultural heritage.

  • The Wishing Tree: A beloved tradition rooted in ancient Chinese folklore, where people write their wishes on joss paper and tie them to the branches of a banyan tree, hoping they will come true. Our Wishing Tree at Hutong will be a central feature, inviting you to partake in this meaningful ritual. Write down your dreams and aspirations, and hang them on our tree as a symbol of hope and the prospect of new beginnings.
  • Hongbao (Red Envelopes): These envelopes, traditionally filled with money, are more than just gifts. They are a symbol of good luck, energy, and happiness. In Chinese culture, red is considered an auspicious color, warding off evil spirits. At Hutong, every table will receive a Hongbao, continuing this practice of spreading good fortune and blessings to our guests.

Experience the Magic of Lunar New Year at Hutong

We invite you to be part of this beautiful blend of cultural heritage and culinary artistry. Reserve your table now and immerse yourself in the festivities of the Lunar New Year. Let’s welcome the Year of the Dragon with hope, prosperity, and shared joy at Hutong New York.

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