Prepare to be transported to a world where the timeless allure of live jazz harmonizes with the Art Deco elegance of New York, as The Shanghai at Hutong unveils its newest venture on Thursday, September 21st. This weekly jazz night promises an evening of exceptional music, fine dining, and unforgettable moments, all set within a unique architectural tribute to the Art Deco era.

Amidst the Art Deco grandeur of The Shanghai, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing the Pasquale Grasso Trio. Led by the incomparable Pasquale Grasso, a guitarist lauded by the New York Times as “the future of jazz guitar,” this ensemble embodies the spirit of jazz that once thrived in the heart of New York City. Drawing inspiration from legends like Charlie Parker and Django Reinhardt, Grasso and his fellow musicians promise to immerse you in the very essence of jazz harmony.

The Shanghai’s live jazz nights offer more than just music; they provide an immersive experience. While indulging in the exquisite dishes prepared by the restaurant’s culinary team, you’ll be enveloped by the smooth melodies and soulful rhythms of the Pasquale Grasso Trio.

The Shanghai at Hutong invites you to be part of this weekly programming starting Thursday, September 21st at 7:00 PM and every Thursday thereafter.

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